Talk and workshop with MSC Digital Marketing course at RGU

The MSC Digital Marketing course is a one year postgraduate masters in digital marketing. Running in its first year, it has some notable and refreshing things going for it.

On Tuesday 11th November 2014, Mark McAulay ran a workshop wherein the students were split into 3 groups and each asked to tackle 3 real world problems around delivering a website.

There has been report in recent years of a considerable gap between the business requirements for digital and the skill set of more traditional marketers - the MSc in Digital Marketing was launched to address this digital skills gap. The aim is to create a talent pool of digital marketing experts wishing to pursue a career in this exciting and ever growing industry. Having leading experts from amazing agencies contributing to the course is key to fulfilling this aim.

Jack Keenan, Course Leader

The objective of this workshop was to learn how best to handle complex situations and relationships focused around client and agency expectations. The students played the role of an agency and Mark played the role of the client. A series of discussions were had and the students were asked for their solutions. The solutions to the problems were well considered and delivered with confidence. Mark made life difficult for them to allow them to explain their decisions fully and choose whether to stand behind their solution, compromise, submit to something they know to be incorrect or ultimately, end the relationship with the client.

After each workshop problem, the solution applied to the issue in real life was discussed. One group of students solved one problem exactly as was done in reality. Not bad for 20 minutes work!

Overall, we saw an impressive group of students in a modern, industry focused course who we know we will hear more about. Mearns & Gill is delighted to support the forward thinking nature of the course and that of the business school itself.

If you would like to find out more about the course, visit the MSC Digital Marketing course page on the RGU website.

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