The Cat Parade

The Cat Parade is a charity civic arts project raising funds for UNICEF, CLAN and the Denis Law Legacy Trust's Streetsport Initiative.

The project involves replicas of the Kelly’s Cat Statues, which adorn the parapet of Union Bridge, being transformed into unique works of art. The cats are synonymous with Aberdeen’s strong civic pride.

Mearns & Gill were pleased to support this project and engaged the services of local artist Kirsty Russell to create our unique work of art.

The Cat Parade

Prince of this World

Having recently returned to Aberdeen, after a week-long symposium in Aberdeen’s twin city of Regensburg, Kirsty’s piece for the cat parade was inspired by a small sculpture near Regensburg cathedral entitled ‘Prince of this World’. 

Kirsty was shown this sculpture by her host and whilst the figure in the sculpture looked good and kind, when you look carefully there is a snake creeping out from behind her dress. Kirsty used this theme in painting our Mearns & Gill cat and has given our piece of artwork the same title – ‘Prince of this World.’

We are grateful to Kirsty, and The Anatomy Rooms, for helping out with this project.

All painted cats will be on display in the Union Bridge windows of Waterstones, Aberdeen from 1 - 27 September. To find out more about the Cat Parade, visit

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