The Importance of Recognising Talent

Mearns & Gill has been working with SPE Aberdeen for the past 5 years to deliver the prestigious Offshore Achievement Awards. The annual event is a highlight of the events calendar for many oil, gas and renewables companies in Aberdeen, but 2015/16 saw a big shift in the perception of events such as these, and previous supporters began to question if it was appropriate for them to be involved at all.

With the current economic climate, every budget is being reviewed, every penny is being saved and selling sponsorship and tables to an energy related event is more challenging than ever. This is not news to us and I’m sure it won’t be news to you either.

It is not enough to deliver a networking opportunity or source of client entertainment, companies are looking for more. They are looking for valuable events and, put simply, things which are worth their investment. So how do you change the perception?

The Importance of Recognising Talent

A good place to start is to look at the whole reason for hosting the event in the first place.

The Offshore Achievement Awards is run by a not-for profit organisation and, as such, assists SPE Aberdeen in reinvesting back into the energy industry in a variety of ways. This includes the distribution of student bursaries, the provision of STEM related programmes aimed at school children, as well as training and events specifically geared towards young professionals within the industry. The surplus income generated by the awards through sponsorship and table sales goes directly into all of these things, with SPE Aberdeen making absolutely no profit from the event.

The event is run purely to “fundraise”. To pay for initiatives and training which might otherwise fail without the financial backing of those involved.

But there is another reason for hosting the event, and the clue is in the name. Awards.

Each year, we hear from companies and individuals who are delighted to get the news that they have been shortlisted. And each year, we see even more delighted companies and individuals find out that they’ve won. The recognition given by an event such as this, where nominations are judged by a committee of their peers, is important to these finalists and they take great pride in being associated with the awards.

A few individual trophies are awarded on the night to those individuals who go above and beyond for their company, or for the industry in general. This part of the night is always a highlight and the confidence this gives to those involved is absolutely staggering.

Though the finalists and eventual winner are thrilled to be all involved, for those nominated but not shortlisted, it is still a tremendous feeling for them to be nominated by their company – what better way to show how much someone is valued than by recognising them in this way?

Each year, it is an absolute pleasure to be involved with this event and we hope that the Offshore Achievement Awards go on to recognise innovation, outstanding achievements and passion for the industry for years to come.

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