Advertising - Plant Integrity Management

Mearns & Gill has worked with Plant Integrity Management (PIM) since 2017 to bring an exciting, dynamic edge to their advertising. 

As they are part of the oil & gas industry, they sought out an advertising style that would be in stark contrast to the dry, prescriptive material used by other companies. This led to two fresh campaigns which centered around the idea of hidden dangers, tying into their work advising clients on the hidden dangers that may be lurking on their assets.

Advertising - Plant Integrity Management

Earlier in 2019, PIM contacted us to say they had been given the opportunity to advertise to a captive audience at Aberdeen Airport. The advertising would include 100 out-of-home poster sites within the toilets at the airport and would therefore have a large presence and be seen by their high volume of business travellers.

Given the setting, it was important that the adverts had a more family-friendly feel to them. The previous set of adverts were striking and impactful but included scenarios which were more extreme. By taking the design into the bathroom setting, the design incorporated objects from that room such as taps, toilet roll holders and soap dishes and combined them with dangerous but less intense scenarios including a mousetrap, a cactus and a cheese grater. 

Advertising - Plant Integrity Management
Advertising - Plant Integrity Management

Being appropriate for the setting was at the forefront of our minds during the design process, both in terms of the sites being situated within a WC and in that they were located in an airport. It was therefore important that we be sensitive to the environment and the security of the airport.

Though the objects are less extreme, the visual is still arresting and emotive, grabbing the attention of the audience with the image and intriguing them to find out more through the juxtaposition of safe and dangerous items.

The feedback PIM has received from the campaign so far has been very positive with several current, and potential, clients noticing the adverts and absorbing the message. Though it may seem unconventional, the toilet setting that PIM have chosen to advertise in has given them exactly what is needed from advertising – a captive audience who have the time to take in the advertising and the brand behind it. 

Advertising - Plant Integrity Management

“The PIM campaigns are always a lot of fun to work on because they allow us to really push the envelope and concoct weird and wonderful scenarios with hidden dangers. The final designs are very out there and are completely different to anything else you see in the oil & gas industry. Though we need to tone down the danger in the airport toilet adverts, we were still able to retain the attention-grabbing imagery that has now become synonymous with PIM’s advertising.”

- Adrian Aerts, Design Lead

“Though it may seem strange to think of a airport toilet as being ‘the perfect advertising spot’, there is a lot of merit in taking this approach. When you really think about it, airport passengers have a large amount of time on their hands where they are confined to one space. During that time, they’ll inevitably need to use the facilities and this is where they will see PIM. For males in this setting, you’re generally going to be intent on looking straight ahead! So the audience quite literally can’t escape the advertising that's right in front of them.” 

- Mike Wilson, Managing Director

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