ASPC - The Heart of Local Property

ASPC is pre-eminent in property marketing in the north east and it has a market share of 95% of residential sales in the area.

Handling ASPC's marketing activity, from advertising to events to video production, the key challenge is to maintain ASPC’s dominant position. While ‘national’ websites claim higher coverage, the reality is that 9 out 10 buyers in the north east already live locally, and it is this local market that ASPC wants to target.

ASPC - The Heart of Local Property

For their Autumn-Winter 2015 advertising and promotion, a strong message was required to convey the key benefits of using ASPC, but this needed to be communicated in a way that did not come across as cold and lifeless.

With almost 70 member firms within the area using the website to advertise properties and with 9 out of 10 buyers in the north east already living locally, ASPC is quite simply ‘The Heart of Local Property’.

ASPC - The Heart of Local Property

The treatment which followed used the heart motif as the centrepiece, supported by additional key messages regarding ASPC's impressive, and unmatched, statistics.

This was rolled out across a range of media as well as an animation with the purpose of the profession using this as a sales tool when working with clients to market their property. This was also supported by various print materials and has been enthusiastically received by member firms.

Each year presents a new challenge, but the core idea remains the same, maintaining ASPC's position as the market leader. The statistics speak for themselves in this regard, with the number of searches increasing by 200% between 2012 and 2015.

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