Banks O’ Dee Website Redevelopment

Started in 1998, Banks O’ Dee is a results-driven Sports Club. As a not-for-profit entity, and a registered charity, all income from the club is re-invested for the benefit of its members.

Though Banks O’ Dee has seen a continual rise in its membership, with the total number of members now at around 2,200, membership has largely been driven by word-of-mouth and a strong reputation. The team at Banks O’ Dee identified the need for a useful and relevant online presence to complement this approach.

From our initial discussions, we identified the primary elements which needed to be addressed including issues in updating site content and adding new content, as well as incompatibility with mobile and tablet devices. It was also recognised that any aesthetic improvements that could be made when linking between the website and the member booking system, provided through Gladstone, would be welcomed.

Banks O’ Dee Website Redevelopment

Banks O’ Dee has already taken action to make better use of social media outlets and the website would be crucial in linking these efforts together into a single hub to promote the club to existing and potential new members.

The development of the website comprised a number of project goals. The main aim of any website development is to increase website traffic and visitor engagement for the client. It is also crucial to build a site which is sustainable and will achieve the short-term, and long-term goals of the business.

Particular to Banks O’ Dee, they wanted to better communicate the scale, offering, flexibility and accessibility of the club; promote their unique not-for-profit sports club model; and improve the exposure of the staff to promote the wide variety of skills available to customers.

Banks O’ Dee Website Redevelopment

Banks O’ Dee’s new clean and contemporary design, with simple navigation, functions optimally on all screen sizes, viewports and devices. The use of imagery has been improved to fully illustrate the scale and range of facilities on offer at the club.

The membership section of the website has been restructured with clearer and improved calls to action to join. For those contacting Banks O’ Dee, this section has also been refined, with a new contact form to capture all enquiries.

Behind the scenes, Banks O’ Dee was also provided with an easy-to-use, flexible and expandable content management system, to easily populate the site with new content and, edit existing content.

Check out the site here.

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