Jamieson & Carry Christmas Campaign

Jamieson & Carry is an independent, family owned jeweller and for over 280 years have been supplying fine jewellery, swiss watches and luxury gifts to the people of Aberdeen and beyond. 

Mearns & Gill has worked with Jamieson & Carry for several years across a wide variety of campaigns. Though Jamieson & Carry is always inevitably busier around the Christmas period, they still needed to provide an emotive campaign which encouraged consumers to choose them for at least some of their Christmas gifts.

Jamieson & Carry Christmas Campaign


While developing Jamieson & Carry’s marketing strategy as a whole, we asked them why they do what they do? Beyond the obvious business side, the message we received loud and clear when speaking with the family and staff was their collective passion for the customer experience. Whether this is the experience of choosing a perfect piece of jewellery for a loved one, treating yourself to a new watch of buying a gift for family or friends. This side really adds to their job satisfaction, with them knowing they have helped to create lasting memories in their customers’ lives.  

We were really drawn in by this sentiment and wanted to explore this further.  As part of the overall message, we developed a Christmas campaign to harness this positivity and the sentiment of creating a moment of giving or receiving a gift and turning it into a special memory that you cherish and remember.

The key objective for the campaign was to avoid the cold approach of just showing various pieces and expecting consumers to buy into it. The campaign needed to dig a little deeper and appeal to the sentiment of not only receiving a gift, but in giving the gift too. It is with this sentiment that we could build a more emotive Christmas campaign for Jamieson & Carry.

Jamieson & Carry Christmas Campaign
Jamieson & Carry Christmas Campaign


We worked with Jamieson & Carry to develop a number of lines that captured emotion behind gifts, all centred around the idea of taking a moment and making it something more special and meaningful. These included “Take a moment and make it a memory”, “Take a moment and make their year”, among others. 

Once we had developed our message we needed to find the best way to communicate this to our target audience and share these relatable experiences with potential customers. We believed the strongest way to do this was visually and so we set the task of delivering the a photoshoot to replicate these experiences.

The photoshoot took place over two days at the picturesque Meldrum House Hotel in Aberdeenshire.  Our photographer Sam Brill delivered on our brief of capturing these special moments, and the emotions behind them, perfectly.

The campaign was launched in the run up to Christmas 2016 which included a homepage takeover, social media updates and posts, email campaigns and press adverts.

Jamieson & Carry Christmas Campaign

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