Malcolm Allan

Malcolm Allan has been constructing high quality homes for over 40 years. The family business has a reputation for quality, attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

Work had begun on a new development at Cattofield in Aberdeen which Malcolm Allan urgently needed to promote. Using their website, at that time, to promote this was problematic. The decision was taken to start with a new website built for purpose, and for the future.

Malcolm Allan

Mearns & Gill already deliver advertising, property schedules, floor plans and signage to Malcolm Allan and it was a natural fit for us to turn our attention to the website and digital marketing. We agreed to work together to build a platform which is adaptable and expandable. A site which delivers the needs of website visitors and which meets the needs of the business. We created a strategic plan to remove problems and to deliver results long term. Using our agile approach, we went on to deliver the short and long term objectives in the order of need - we like solving problems.

Malcolm Allan
Malcolm Allan

Mearns & Gill has been providing Malcolm Allan with design and advertising for 20 years.

Close relationships produce the best work. We say this time and again, and this project is another example of that. For the first four weeks of the project, Mark McAulay worked at the Malcolm Allan office for half a day per week (biscuits included). This ensured clear communication and that we had first hand intelligence and feedback from the client, face to face in the early stages. It was also an opportunity to visit some of the developments and to make sure we had the views of the wider team. This collaboration proved instrumental in defining the needs of the business at every level. Some of the features, both delivered and planned for future iterations of the site, were born here. Features such as creating correctly oriented versions of the floor plans, as not all plots face the same way. This makes things easier for house buyers as well as for the team showing a floor plan of a particular plot. Good collaborative working at its best.

Malcolm Allan

We began by creating a microsite for the Cattofield development. With a small set of objectives and reduced scope, we could focus more of our time on the smaller details. We tested each decision in a controlled environment. The microsite ran side by side with the old website for 5 months allowing us to measure how the new design and user experience compared. We added some of the best reporting tools in the industry to give us the data to make informed decisions on how people use the site at every part of the journey. We iterated over this period to refine the microsite and to create a longer term strategic plan.

When the time came to begin work on the full website, we already had the information architecture and user experience worked out. We knew how parts of the website should and shouldn’t work and we had a proven platform for growth. It was time to scale it up one development at a time and phase out the old site.

We really appreciate the effort Mearns & Gill put into understanding our business. Our website is adaptable to suit our changing needs and we have received positive feedback from our customers that the site is attractive, logical and easy to navigate. We are beginning to see real results, from growing mailing lists to rising sales enquiries.

Colin Wood, Development | Technical Manager, Malcolm Allan Housebuilders Ltd

To date, we have delivered a house builder website which allows an unlimited number of unique developments, house types and plots. We have used the data at our disposal to refine the user flow, the contact methods and to remove any roadblocks in the user experience. Mearns & Gill deliver ongoing digital marketing and periodic reviews to ensure the website remains as fit for purpose as the day it launched.

Go and visit to see for yourself. 

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