OneSubsea Technology Showcase

OneSubsea delivers integrated solutions, products, systems, and services for the subsea oil and gas market.

As a result of attending a membership event that had been organised by Mearns & Gill, OneSubsea approached us with regards to assisting with an in-house technology showcase they were planning.

The event was to be a unique opportunity to engage with existing clients, potential clients, and students and young professionals’ on their own premises, allowing them to experience a range of offshore equipment, not usually seen on land, and all at the same time.

OneSubsea Technology Showcase


After some initial exploratory meetings with the team, it became clear that there were 5 key objectives 

  • To transform a warehouse and yard into a safe, suitable, and stylish environment for holding a technology showcase, with 100 guests expected to attend across two days. 
  • Design and print of all event branding 
  • Design and print a set new folders and inserts, to be handed out to all guests, which accurately reflect the full range of tools and equipment now available from OneSubsea 
  • Create two animations, to be shown across the two-day event, the first demonstrating the timeline of the MARS product evolution since 2007, and the second demonstrating a Subsea Modular Injection System. 
  • To engage with media and ensure the event received appropriate coverage in local/industry press.

Perhaps the biggest challenge was the tight timescale, in that from the day we received confirmation that the project would take place, we had four weeks in which to achieve these objectives.

OneSubsea Technology Showcase
OneSubsea Technology Showcase


The client was delighted with the outcome, and was grateful that all objectives were achieved within the tight time constraints. OneSubsea were particularly delighted with how the event branding set a professional tone, and ensured their brand messaging was present throughout the entire event. 

The animations and event branding were used by OneSubsea staff as prompts and conversation pieces, and helped bring the equipment to life for anyone who was seeing them for the first time.

The event was positively received by all who attended, with word of it travelling from those who had visited on day one, leading to individuals approaching OneSubsea direct to ask if they could attend day two. Plans are already in place to make the technology showcase a larger, annual event.

Journalists and photographers accepted the invite and as a result the technology showcase was featured in the Press & Journal, The Evening Express and Energy Voice.

The dedication and interest that M&G invested into our project was 1st class. Despite the short time frame and variety of support required the project has been a success and I have no doubt this is in part due to the experience and creative know-how that M&G brought to the project.

Phillip Rice, Sales & Proposals Manager - MARS, OneSubsea
OneSubsea Technology Showcase

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