River Dee Website Redevelopment

Mearns & Gill has been working with the River Dee Board and Trust for a number of years producing the River Dee Annual Report. In 2016 they recognised that the existing River Dee website was no longer fit for purpose and a full re-development was required.

Following an initial discovery period working closely with the River Dee management team, a number of key goals and objectives were developed for the site.  Primarily, the new website was to become ‘the’ portal of choice for all activity around the River Dee. The website would allow the Trust and Board to effectively communicate the on-going management systems, processes and developments on the river, as well as the ability to showcase the important educational work being carried out by the team.

River Dee Website Redevelopment

The new website was completely restructured to immediately convey the three identified core areas of Angling, Education and Fish & Habitat. The Angling section focuses on the sporting side of the river.  This includes information on the river, the latest catches, fishing reports, and news on developments aimed at improving the quality of fishing on the river, becoming a hub of knowledge for the keen angler considering their next fishing adventure. 

The website then focussed on the educational activity of the Dee Board and Trust. Each year over 400 local children enjoy fun, hands-on activities by the banks of the River Dee, learning about the importance of rivers to both wildlife and nature. It was important to showcase this activity on the new website. The third key section of the site focusses on the Fish and Habitat. Looking after the fish stocks and managing the wider habitat of the river lies at the heart of the work of the Board and Trust.  This section needed to provide detailed information on the various projects and initiatives being undertaken across the river each year, all of which are aimed at improving and preserving the rivers health and prosperity.

Once we knew the hierarchy of information and developed our wireframes covering the key structure of the site, we were able to start the design and build.  We wanted to develop a site rich in content, that would improve the user experience and make the journey through the site far more intuitive with clearer calls to action.  We had the benefit of access to a wide range of fantastic images to support the site, and also developed a range of illustrative icons to improve the visual impact of the key calls to action.

River Dee Website Redevelopment

The Trust and Board were looking for a website that was constantly updating and wanted the ability to edit and add new content quickly and easily, something that had been a major issue with the previous site. We used one of our favourites, CRAFT CMS, for the site and it didn’t take long to get the River Dee team up-to-speed  with the new system. It’s great to see new content being regularly added to the site.

We are very proud to be involved with this site and value our partnership with the River Dee Trust and Board. We look forward to developing the site over the coming years, ensuring it continues to meet the ongoing goals and objectives. Check out the site for yourself here.

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