Marketing - St Andrews Prize for the Environment

The St Andrews Prize for the Environment was set up by the University of St Andrews and ConocoPhillips in 1998 to recognise significant contributions to environmental conservation.

At the annual ceremony, taking place at the University, up to three finalists who have been selected from hundreds of entries present their project to the Board of Trustees with the hope of securing up to $100,000 in funding.  

Marketing - St Andrews Prize for the Environment

Mearns & Gill has worked with ConocoPhillips and the University of St Andrews for over 15 years to co-ordinate the marketing surrounding the Prize. This includes management of the Prize website; entries; drafting releases; planning and implementing social media campaigns; design and print of all event materials including the commemorative programme; and co-ordinating photography and videography.

Marketing - St Andrews Prize for the Environment

The entire process involves not just working closely with the clients, but also with the Prize finalists and previous winners/finalists. As participants in the Prize, these individuals and organisations are the biggest ambassadors for the benefits of the Prize and are happy to share photography and updates on their projects. 


“We are in contact with previous winners and finalists throughout the year to share their story with our audience. So many of them have inspiring stories behind why they started their project. We’ve heard from an organisation that went out to tackle food security in southwest Madagascar and through listening to the communities, ended up opening the first reproductive health centre there. We’ve had another entrant who, at just 19 years old, turned down a full-time job to travel to Eastern Uganda to develop a solution to dirty drinking water. These people have seen a problem in the world and have worked incredibly hard to do their part. Hearing their stories and sharing these with the St Andrews Prize audience with the hope of inspiring even more projects to come forward is really wonderful.”

Nicola Scott, Campaign Strategist

Marketing - St Andrews Prize for the Environment
Marketing - St Andrews Prize for the Environment

Though the Prize invites engaging content and outstanding imagery, it is important to remember that this Prize is still highly technical and entrants/finalists undergo a rigorous entry process comprising a first submission round and, if successful, a second. 

It is therefore important to clearly lay out all the information required by potential entrants and communicate the key benefits of being involved.

“The St Andrews Prize is a year-long process where we are communicating with countries from all over the world through press, social media and the Prize website. It is important that we have every element covered. Though the entry period and the ceremony itself may garner the most attention, it’s important that we keep the momentum going by sharing content from previous finalists and winners, as well as this year’s finalists. This ensures that those who participate in the Prize get the full benefits of raising their profile whether they take home the $100,000 funding, or not.”

Andrew Spence, Account Manager

The St Andrews Prize 2020 winner will be announced in February 2020 at the University of St Andrews. Mearns & Gill will be on-hand to provide event support and co-ordination of all marketing activities. 

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