The Store Christmas Campaign 2016

Mearns & Gill was invited by The Store in Foveran, Ellon to develop a new design for their 2016 Christmas campaign.

The key objective for the campaign was to promote a new online ordering system enabling customers to place their food order via a new website with either collection in-store or home delivery options. The campaign would centre around The Store’s Meal Boxes, which provide customers with everything they need for their festive feast. 

The Store Christmas Campaign 2016


Before embarking on the campaign, preliminary discussions with the client revealed a number of key themes / objectives:

  • Existing customer base very varied but mostly local
  • Campaign must communicate with existing customers, while also targeting new customers from the city of Aberdeen
  • The ability to “take the stress out” of Christmas food shopping is a strong message - avoiding the ‘turkey queues’ at supermarkets
  • No waste is key – the simplicity of ‘everything in the box’ to cover your Christmas meals, including options to cover ad hoc meals with steak boxes, lasagne dishes, breakfast boxes etc. 
  • Ideas of what to do with your leftovers - to link in to the ‘no waste’ message
  • Value for money is also appropriate given the current economic conditions in Aberdeen
  • A successful campaign would be defined as delivering the same revenue as 2015
The Store Christmas Campaign 2016
The Store Christmas Campaign 2016

Campaign Design

Our campaign idea started with the products – the festive feast meal box itself, the quality of the food, and the ‘no waste’ ideology.

However the stronger message that developed was the notion of ‘taking the stress out of your Christmas shop’. This message has universal appeal and taps into the desire to overcome a key barrier to enjoying a more relaxed Christmas. 

Using The Store’s click & collect system is the practical answer to taking the stress out of Christmas. With options of either enjoying the relaxing experience of visiting The Store & having a coffee while your order is loaded into your car, or relaxing at home while The Store delivers your produce to you, The Store is already working hard to make the Christmas food shopping experience as easy as possible.

Based on this information the final campaign had 3 key strands: 

  • Visually representing the ‘Grocer’s Box’ with implied associations of great quality produce 
  • Presenting the key message of ‘taking the stress out of your Christmas food shop’ 
  • Defining the route by which The Store can ease the pressure of this shop, via the Click & collect / delivery options

The key strengths of the campaign were: 

  • The new visual style which was contemporary while still maintaining the key values of The Store Leading with the hook of a simple route to Great Festive Food 
  • Explaining the process of how to achieve this ‘hassle free’ food shopping experience in an informative, straightforward and friendly manner 
  • Showcasing the wide product range / product choices available
The Store Christmas Campaign 2016

Campaign execution

Working to an agreed budget, a variety of marketing outputs were delivered, all of which were created in line with the campaign style & visuals: 

  • Christmas brochure
  • Letter to loyal customer base 
  • Free coffee & cake voucher (attracting more customers to come in to The Store)

The brochure, letter and voucher were packaged as a ‘present’ (sealed with a Christmas 2016 sticker) to enhance the theme of giving loyal customers a special Christmas gift.

  • Press & radio advertising 
  • Web banner & visual enhancements to new website 
  • Wrapping paper – ensuring the Christmas theme flowed through to the customer experience of unwrapping their food delivery 
  • Social media campaign based around a series of cooking tips videos from The Store’s chef. These videos referenced the quality of the produce, and also reinforced the ‘no waste’ and ‘value for money’ messages 
  • Recipe cards linked to the cooking tips videos
The Store Christmas Campaign 2016


The campaign was positively received by existing customers and generated a significant number of new customers. Total page views on the website in December rose by 55% to 6,428, evidencing the fact the mixed media campaign had the desired effect of driving traffic to the new website.

The campaign post on Facebook was particularly successful reaching 17,174 people, and the cooking tips videos each returned a reach of over 10,000.

Overall the campaign delivered, and improved, 2016 Christmas revenue for The Store. The campaign was successful in communicating with existing and new customers, highlighting the great value and quality produce available from this local supplier.

Our first time working with Mearns & Gill was on our Christmas 2016 campaign. Not only did they deliver on time, and on budget, they created an extremely well thought out and structured campaign, achieving our company objectives.

Andrew Booth, Director

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