Website Development – ICoTA Global

Mearns & Gill has worked with the European Chapter of the Intervention and Coiled Tubing Association (ICoTA) for several years. This recently led to the team undertaking the design and development of the new ICoTA Global website. 

As the authority in well intervention, ICoTA shares valuable information and training opportunities with a large number of members across several different Chapters around the world. These members can enter an exclusive area through their Chapter website which gives them access to the ICoTA Global library of content, papers and presentations.

Website Development – ICoTA Global

In undertaking this website design project, the overarching aim was to give a better user experience and easy access to content for the members. This needed to include simple steps for setting up their online account as well as straightforward navigation within the members’ area and all other areas of the site.   

The development process began the way all creative projects should, with a discussion. Meeting with key ICoTA representatives, the group was asked to highlight the most important elements of the site that should be brought forward in the web design, the parts that could be removed as they no longer serve a purpose, and which items should be most prominent to members accessing the website. It was agreed that Events and Latest News should have more prominence. This shows each Chapter what is happening within their fellow Chapters around the world, and allows easier access to bookings and up-to-date information. 

Once the requirements were clarified, the studio then put together a proposed design for the homepage, Chapters page and members area to show the visual style of the website and how this would carry across various types of pages. With the previous website being more text-heavy, it was important that the new design incorporated high-quality imagery and clearly signposted content to enhance the user’s experience.

We took an iterative approach to the website’s development, ensuring that pages and content were approved throughout the process. The final website was launched at the same time as the SPE ICoTA Well Intervention Conference in Houston. A Mearns & Gill representative was in attendance at the event and delegates were shown a short video detailing the features and benefits of the new website.       

“The ICoTA website presented an opportunity for Mearns & Gill to support an international client. Exclusive access to presentations and papers is a big draw for many ICoTA members and so the ICoTA Global website is a valuable resource for the not-for-profit organisation. With members often looking for specific information quickly, a clear content hierarchy was essential along with logical signposting of the various areas of the site. Having representatives from multiple Chapters involved in the discussions surrounding the development of the new site was very helpful in understanding the particular needs of all ICoTA’s international members.”

- Andrew Spence, Account Manager  

"The feedback on the website has been very positive. It was great to showcase this project to an entirely new audience at the Houston Conference and this really showed how as a local company, we can take on international projects and execute them very well. Though the website is "complete", it will continue to evolve with the membership to take in new ideas and new content, ensuring that the user experience is always the top priority." 

- Suzanne Robertson, Account Director

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