Website Development - Malcolm Allan Housebuilders

Malcolm Allan Housebuilders has built up an enviable reputation in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. For over 50 years, the company’s long-serving tradesmen have been building high specification homes and delivering value for money in the process.

It is this value for money that Malcolm Allan Housebuilders wanted to build on in their latest campaign. Running their figures on price and floor area against a variety of comparable homes in Inverurie, this gave them the data to back up what they already knew - that they were delivering the best value for money in the area. The data output they had produced was akin to a spreadsheet and they wanted to find a creative solution to display the data, as well as the message behind it. This resulted in the brand new Compare website.

Website Development - Malcolm Allan Housebuilders

The Compare website brings together all the data that Malcolm Allan Housebuilders worked hard to collate, but presents it in a way that is more accessible to prospective buyers. The site asks users to choose the type of home they are looking for. As number of bedrooms is normally the most important factor when searching for a home, we placed this option at the very front of the site so that users could immediately begin to compare homes that were relevant to them.

Once the number of bedrooms has been chosen, users are presented with the homes that Malcolm Allan Housebuilders offers within those parameters. Once the user clicks onto a home, they are presented with more details on the home, including price per sqm, followed by homes from other housebuilders in the area which match the bedroom number and type of home. Users are presented with all information which is then clarified further by telling users how much they can save per sqm as a percentage.

With the objective of the site being to make the information clearer to understand, it was important that this was reflected in the design while also showcasing the homes and interiors that can be expected from a Malcolm Allan home. Though the data is the most important element to bring into the site, it is also important that if a potential buyer is interested in a home, they have a clear path to get to more information.

Malcolm  Allan  Compare 02

This has been included clearly on the site, without being intrusive. This allows users to appreciate the information being presented to them and make an informed decision on whether to find out more. This further cements Malcolm Allan Housebuilders’ position as providing honest and informative customer service to their customers.

The site is unique to the area with Malcolm Allan Housebuilders being the only one to have a dedicated site for comparing properties.

Following the launch of the site, Mearns & Gill worked on a series of creative outputs that could be used to promote the site and Malcolm Allan Housebuilders in general as having the best value homes in Inverurie. This took the form of social media graphics and adverts which give a snapshot of the information to intrigue potential customers without bombarding them with all the information at once or keep the message too vague.

It is important to back up the statement “best value homes in Inverurie” and by giving a snippet of the information the housebuilder has collected, this strikes the right balance between being informative and encouraging people to find out more.

As a longstanding feature, Mearns & Gill will continue to promote the Malcolm Allan Housebuilders Compare site and work closely with the housebuilder to ensure the information presented is as accurate as possible.

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